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WSCS Services

Website Design, Development & Deployment

Web design and development encompasses a variety of skills and requires the incorporation of a number of tools and techniques. At WSCS we endeavor to harmonize the use of cutting edge technologies to deliver simple yet creative, effective and beautiful web sites.

Many organizations are realizing the importance of having an on-line presence for them to be able to reach abroad cross-section of their target audience. We hope to be designing and developing beautiful and pleasant websites utilizing modern utilities, features and techniques for individuals, SOHO, SME and other organizations.

Database Design & Development

In recent times (since April 2017 to-date) WSCS has also embarked on planning, designing, developing and deploying MS Access based database solutions and more precisely a microfinance database solution for its clients. These clients are microfinance groups whose goal is to ultimately grow into SACCO. WSCS is currently extended the functionality of the databases to include basic accounting (income and expenses).

At its core, WSCS is an independent consultancy firm providing technical advice and resources (tangible/intangible) on matters ICT. The overall goal here is to provide simple yet high quality, cost beneficial (affordable) technical consultancy services to all our clients.

Internetwork Design & Maintenance

Many individuals/organizations are finding the benefits (viz. collaboration, sharing of resources information, peripherals, processing capabilities, etc) that networks provide to too tangible to be disregarded. Also, the Internet (access, presence, etc) is becoming a must have resource for many organizations to be able to consolidate and increase their market share.

WSCS offers the service of planning, designing, implementing, maintaining (including training your staff) small to medium sized LANs as well as setting up right Inter-networks solutions for your organization. This then allows your organization to be able to share vital resources at either local and/or global arena.

Computer Repairs & Maintenance

In business no matter the nature or size, when using computers or computer systems for information storage, processing, management, etc., care must always be taken to ensure that downtime is minimized. However it is imperative that computers break down eventually due to one reason or the other which may result in prolonged periods of denial-of-service.

Irrespective of the make and model (excluding Macintosh), WSCS will repair your computer for you. And if by any chance this does not happen and the computer is not repaired, a complete and sincere reason will be provided as to why and you will be advised accordingly on the best possible course of action to take.

Professional ICT Training

In proper utilization of ICT investments, the biggest and most important aspect of this technology equation is the end-user (i.e. the people running and utilizing the technology). Having improperly trained personnel can have far reaching implications on staff/employee/employer morale (which then negatively impacts productivity), wasted investment on computers/computer systems, etc.

WSCS provides ICT training ranging from very specific to custom/tailor made to meet an individual and/or organizations needs. Thus in the long run this would positively impact productivity, staff morale, better utilization of the investment, etc.
Note: WSCS offers the trainees letters of recommendation upon successful completion of any of its various training programs.

ICT Security Administration

Deployed systems need to be adequately safeguarded against corruption, loss, downtime, unauthorized access, etc. WSCS is able to put in place effective and efficient security policy standards that would handle issues such as:

  • Anti-Virus Policy
  • Prevention of unauthorized and external access
  • Information Privacy
  • Employee roles in security management, etc.

This will go a long way in establishing some good level of security and due diligence.