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About WSCS

An overview of what WSCS is all about

With Simplicity Consultancy Services (WSCS) is an ICT Consultancy Services firm founded in 2015 and is at present based in Maai Mahiu (35km from Naivasha Town), Kenya.

The mission for the organization is to provide ICT services to SOHO (Small Office Home Office), SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) as well as individuals with simplicity and integrity (as the name suggests) and indiscriminately. In so doing WSCS then enables these organizations and individuals to be able to utilize ICT as a strategic tool so as to develop a competitive edge in the market/area of specialization.

  • Well balanced project
  • Broad coverage of projects
  • Providing years of
    relevant experience
  • Keeping a big picture
  • Electronic submission of
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Project monitoring!
  • Confidentiality of
  • Pleasant Customer
  • Training delivered
    on-site or off-site
  • ICT services at an
    affordable price
  • Social Media Support!
  • Registration - We are a registered ICT Consultancy
  • Experience - We have tons of vast working experience
  • Speciality - Web Design, Internet-working & Training
  • Projects Delivery - Timely & Reliable
  • Cost - Cost beneficial project initiation & completion
  • Customer - We consider ourselves customer-friendly

WSCS strives to place people (users) before technology and therefore with that in mind the overall objective is to help employees/employers/individuals work collaboratively, more productively, securely and subsequently more cost-beneficently. It is important therefore to meet not only the requirements of its users but also realize these envisaged benefits.